Erick Erickson, editor of The Resurgent and an Atlanta-based talk-radio host: “I will not vote for Donald Trump for President of the United States even if he is the Republican nominee. He is an authoritarian blending nationalist and tribal impulses, which historically has never worked out well for the nation that goes in that direction or the people in that nation.” (27 February 2016)

Will Kremer, former chairman of the Georgia College Republicans: “Party loyalty has its limits. Trump is the standard-bearer of the party and its spokesman. But what that tells me is the Republican Party has left me.” (4 May 2016)


Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle: “I think it’s important that our party unites behind the Republican candidate, and Mr. Trump has ignited a diverse and loyal group of supporters unlike anything we have seen in recent presidential elections.” (4 May 2016)

Scott Johnson, former Cobb County GOP chairman: “I will vote nonjoyously for Trump in November.” (4 May 2016)

Clint Murphy, Republican activist in Savannah: Cast his lot with Trump — “enthusiastically,” in his words. “Trump will be the Republican nominee for president, and I will go ahead and say it, he will be elected president in November. I will vote for him. Politics as usual has failed our country, and it’s going to take an outsider to fix it.” (4 May 2016)